December 28, 2007 – Oprah’s dumb mistake

Mommy and junior hit the campaign trail

 Why would a woman like Oprah Winfrey, who has the profile and following to run as a candidate herself someday, waste even five seconds of her time campaigning for Barack Hussein Obama — who could more or less pass for her inept son?

According to this LA Times article, describing an Oprah/Obama rally:

When she invoked Obama’s opposition to the Iraq war, she received the wildest applause of the afternoon. “He stood with clarity and conviction against this war in Iraq,” she said.

Yeah well, while these morons were clapping like trained seals in response to the “no war” bumper-sticker rhetoric, did anyone bother to point out that there is really no case in which Obama would actually authorize war — meaning he’s entirely unequipped to handle the job as Commander in Chief and leader of the free world?

Apparently, Oprah’s support has served to drive away the more skeptical, younger women (ages 18-29) who probably roll their eyes at their mothers’ Oprah worshipping and book club purchases, and has also angered Oprah’s fans.  One poster on her website accused her of “pushing Obama down our throats”.

I think people are okay with Oprah leveraging her clout for charity and business reasons.  But a man running for president who so obviously needs Oprah to prop him up isn’t fit for office — and that’s precisely the political message she’s sending voters, and her fans.  The optics just don’t work.

Oprah is a brilliant business woman, but she could use some better political advice.

Too smart for Brad

Incidentally, I remember reading a couple of months ago that there was reportedly a row in the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie household because Brad voiced his support for Obama, and Angelina basically called him an idiot.  Now THAT’S who I want to see on the next Oprah!

Mind you, every high profile political type has a celebrity willing to shill for them — even inadvertently.  Will Smith was defending Hitler recently, saying that Hitler “set out to do what he thought was ‘good'”.  Uh, ok.  So are we to assume then that he had the right idea, but just screwed up the, er, “execution”?  I don’t even think Hitler would call what he was up to, “good”.  I think he knew he was a badass.  Unless he was such a crazy mofo that he couldn’t differentiate between “good” and “evil” — in which case, Will Smith should have said, “It’s possible that this mofo Hitler was so insane in the brain that he thought what he was doing was good!”

If he wanted to say something nice about the Third Reich, he could have stuck with “they had great fashion sense,” and just left it at that.

Jeez, why would Will Smith be talking about Hitler anyway?  Isn’t he promoting a movie about being killed by zombies?  Unless there’s some evidence that Hitler was a zombie, how about shutting the heck up about WWII when you’re on the junket tour?  Stick to talking about that dog you had to act with for 3/4 of the movie.



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6 responses to “December 28, 2007 – Oprah’s dumb mistake

  1. Unfortunately, as right on as Angelina Jolie is for criticizing Brad Pitt’s support of Obama, I suspect it’s probably based on Angelina’s support from someone much worse: Hillary or Edwards, most likely.

    Your point about the vacuousness of Obama’s anti-war stance is well-noted, though. It really distresses me that someone so clearly unsuited for such a serious job is one of the top contenders. I remain pessimistic about the GOPs chances of holding the White House, and if that pessimism is well-placed, we could be in real trouble come 2009.

  2. If I’m not mistaken, she supports Edwards, albeit not pubicly. Her father, however, is pretty conservative. I get the feeling that she’s more issues-oriented than ideologically political.

  3. samcat55

    I wonder why Oprah has not been placed under investigation by the United States government for the child molestations in the school she funds in South Africa?

    Why does she get a free pass? If some conservative had done the same, there would be a rush to judgement on them.

    Investigate Oprah now. Protect the children! Hey, if the Libs can use the mantra, so can I.

  4. Hugh Hewitt conducted interviews with Jon Voight several times this year, and spoke a bit about his political leanings. Here are links to the first interview:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    If my memories are correct, Voight considers himself more of a classical liberal and a committed patriot, which simply means he is capable of common sense thinking, recognizes the threat from radical Islam, and loves his country, as it is. Anyone of these, of course. puts him completely at odds with his Bush Derangement Syndrome addled peers.

    What’s really remarkable is that men like him are so rare in Hollywood that he is remarkable.

    Happy New Year, Rachel! Good times ahead!

  5. Yeah, neither Voight, like JFK, wouldn’t find themselves too comfortable amongst the “liberals” of today. Much like the definition of “feminist” has changed over the decades. To that end, I’m going to post an interesting video tomorrow.

  6. nywonderboy

    Samcat55, so Oprah should be investigated for crime committed by an employee? A crime that she had nothing to do with? So then what you’re saying is Rudy should be investigated for the crimes committed by Bernard Kerik? I’m just saying….

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