December 31, 2007 – Ring in the new year by watching me fight with a feminist!

What better way to get psyched for the new year than by watching a conservative chick debate a hard-core feminazi.  Be warned — it’s an old clip from about a year ago when I lived in Toronto, and if I look horrible, it’s because I just had all four of my wisdom teeth surgically removed under general anesthetic, and was on enough painkillers and antibiotic drugs to knock out an elephant.

 Also keep in mind, lest anyone think that my remarks were “mean” or cheap shots, that I could NOT see anyone else participating in the debate, and had never previously met my opponent.

Stay tuned for a new column, coming within the next day or so.

Happy new year!



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6 responses to “December 31, 2007 – Ring in the new year by watching me fight with a feminist!

  1. scipioafricanus

    The best part about 3 women debating “Equality of Women” is the man calling TIME!

    Now that made me laugh.

    Solve violence against women? Have the government had out pistols to the abused .

  2. alacrityfitzhugh

    Rachel: Did you notice the stilted language of Ms. Horwith around 3:40 into the video? She wants to “…get to an equality with the other major gender…” As if, aside from the two major ones, there could be minor ones as well???
    : )
    Then, later when the hostette talked about: “Three women having this discussion on television…” Under their theory of gender equality, shouldn’t they have invited at least one or more men to the discussion?
    Too funny! You held your own quite well!
    Good luck in the coming new year!

  3. Haha. Yeah, as drugged up as I was (and about an hour out of general anesthetic), I did catch the “other major gender” remark — the implication that there are some other, more minor ones as well. I think you have to go take a good look at some of the backup dancers in the Broadway plays (like Chicago), to witness the “other” genders.

    The whole clip is a train-wreck. You can watch it over and over again and pick out different details every time. Another one being that I was so out of it as the pain was setting in that I was having difficulty focusing my eyes on the camera.

    Yeah and the irony of the guy having the final say in calling “time” was priceless.

  4. hellfireblogs

    Without knowing you can’t see the others would make the beginning brutal, knowing that you didn’t see the others and prety much nailed them makes it awesome.

    It reminds me of a book by S. Jason Black (I forget which one) where he makes the claim that most Wiccans had emotional problems/neurological damage. I’ve yet to meet a Wiccan who disproves that claim.

    Happy New Year.

  5. infin81

    Happy New Year, Rachel.

    Wow…those two really started to tag-team you. You did well despite being topped out on painkillers. I love the “untalented, ugly women” comment. Hilarious!

    “The other major gender?” I would love to ask her what the other minor ones are.

  6. samcat55


    You looked fine and conducted yourself with elegance and class against the onslaught of two radically rabid liberal women.

    The interesting thing is the woman (if I heard this correctly at the beginning of the clip)who was conducting this was the one who was bragging about smoking years ago and now worrying about second hand smoke. What a bleeping hypocrite!

    If you consider that a bad day for you, you must truely be magnificient beyond comprehension on a good day.

    Happy New Year.


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