January 7, 2008 – More proof that liberalism is a mental illness

Me and my buddy, Bill:  Boo!

 There are people in the blogosphere who spend every waking moment focused on people in the media — specifically on the very few of us conservatives in the media.  I think it’s probably because they’re still so unaccustomed to conservative voices that they’re riveted.  Even women and blacks got the right to speak without mainstream censorship before conservatives did.  In fact, we’re still working on not being marginalized and being accepted in the mainstream that liberals, feminists, and people of colour have enjoyed for much longer.

Whether it be our writing, TV appearances, or radio shows, these losers are glued to every word (and to the bag of Cheetos that mom provided upon return from the grocery store).

One of their favourite targets, aside from Ann Coulter and myself, is Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly.  Even when Bill doesn’t make mistakes, they still insist that he does.  Here’s a case in point, from one of the premiere liberal “navel gazing” organizations, Media Matters.

I’m just glad that O’Reilly, Coulter and myself provide a public service in keeping these people willfully locked in their basements (or mom and dad’s basement) as opposed to getting stoned in front of the local 7-Eleven or getting stoned (and blocking traffic) at some protest march.  Plus, their tenacity when it comes to sitting in front of the computer for hours on end, shoveling pizza and Ding Dongs into their pieholes while tapping out slanderous messages with their greasy little fingers probably goes a long way to keeping the fast food industry in the black.

And then when the libtards ascend to some position in the mainstream media, we end up with hatchet jobs like this, from The New Yorker.  The piece should have been called:  Satan Has A Brother And His Name Is Rudy.  Or something like that.

“All these media libtards and ‘values voters’ are giving me a headache.”

How the heck does a load of garbage like this get out without someone getting sued?

“Lilliam Barrios-Paoli, who served as commissioner of the city’s Human Resources Administration under Giuliani, has described the dynamic among the Mayor’s top aides—the so-called “yes-Rudy’s”—this way: “If Rudy would say, ‘Let’s kill twelve-year-olds,’ there would be a deep silence in the room and then somebody would say, ‘That’s brilliant! ’ And then somebody else would say, ‘Have you thought of thirteen-year-olds, too?’ ”

I guess it’s just easy to pull something like this on a man who’s too busy to go around launching lawsuits in defence of himself because he’s kind of busy at the moment running for President!


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One response to “January 7, 2008 – More proof that liberalism is a mental illness

  1. samcat55

    Rudy may not be my pick for President, but from everyone that lived in New York city, even some of my liberal friends have said he did a fantastic job cleaning up the city. And I remember what that city was like during the Dinkins days.

    As for Coulter and O’Reilly, they make themselves easy targets at times with some of the vitirol they bring forth in discussions. Ann is a brilliant wit whose sarcasm is brilliant at times and at times goes overboard. She is a great conservative and though there are a number of attacks on her, she sustains herself from those attacks. They make her stronger.

    O’Reilly is merely a populist, probably more in the vein of Huckabee, and that makes him an easier target. Somebody needs to tell him that just because General Washington attacked the Hessians on Christmas Day to win a stunning victory, that does not make him a SP. Oh, and Washington did not celebrate Christmas, he may have celebrated the anniversary of Trenton though. He is a target, because he lacks the deliberation of Ann Coulter and gets nailed easily. It is sad because he relies on emotion and passion rather than intellect and there are a number of issues he does have a true grasp over, but Christmas is not one of them.

    I love my brother and sister in law dearly, but they are liberal Democrats through and through. My brother proudly displays the picture of him and Hillary in his office. If liberalism is a disease, what can be the cure?

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