January 7, 2008 – “Obama magic” makes me want to try my luck at Russian roulette

Wowwww, MAGIC!

Besides being the second largest generator of hot air in the USA (aside from Al Gore), I can’t think of one thing Barack Hussein Obama has accomplished as a politician.  If there’s something I’ve missed aside from the fact that he’s a “breath of fresh (hot) air”, please leave it in the comment section of this post.  The world — besides Democratic primary voters and teeny-boppers — would like to know.

The leaders heading into New Hampshire today are two preachers:  Baptist minister Mike HICKabee, and love and hope preacher Obama.  This proves one thing:  That Americans need to get more fulfillment out of church services.

Here’s the Toronto “Red” Star, second only to perhaps Pravda in its overtly leftist leanings, explaining the “Obama fever” phenomenon.  Do you see a single policy issue mention?  Neither do I.

When a discussion of actual issues finally sparks, this hot air candidate is going to combust like the Hindenberg.  Or at least that’s my prediction.  (One can never underestimate the sheer stupidity of Democratic primary voters — the same folks who figured John Kerry to be their man, 4 years ago.)

Incidentally, get a load of this delusional libtard, declaring the defeat of Giuliani’s campaign before even the first primary, and crediting himself:

“Nice work folks! We all pulled together and got the word out. There is still plenty to worry about — Romney, Huckabee, et al. — but we dodged a big bullet with the failure of Rudy’s campaign. If Giuliani had been elected president, it would have meant the terrorists had truly won.”

This is yet another example of the “Hugo Chavez liberal” phenomenon, coined by Ann Coulter, and further explained by Lisa De Pasquale in this excellent column.

Finally, another word today about our boy, HICKabee.  He’s so “folksy” and laid back that he sprung hard-core violent offenders from jail.  Aw, shucks *shrugs*. 

Makes me feel really good about the fact that, as president, he’d be dealing with those other killers called “terrorists”.

See what happens when GOPers curtail their baby eating?  MAGIC!

As for the results of today’s New Hampshire primaries — who really cares?  None of this stuff matters right now.  The cable networks have time to fill since Britney’s in recovery, Anna Nicole is dead, Paris is off the radar with her Swedish boytoy, and Lindsay’s back on the wagon — but we really don’t have to pay much attention right now.  Rudy can stay home for a bit longer, the candidates who don’t want to mail it in can keep spewing crap, the news outlets can keep cheerleading Obama.  And I can just sit here and make fun of everyone, until we get further into the race and everyone else starts caring about the real issues.  But you can bet that won’t be for a little while yet.


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One response to “January 7, 2008 – “Obama magic” makes me want to try my luck at Russian roulette

  1. samcat55

    Thanks for using his entire name. Back in the 60s when African Americans changed their religion to Muslim, they adopted Muslim names like Muhammed Ali and Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

    My question is if this African American who proclaims he is a Christian, why is he going around with a Muslim name?

    Things that make you go hmmmmmm…….

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