January 11, 2008 – A woman, with “balls”, after my own heart


 As my regular readers are well-aware, French President Nicolas Sarkozy is one of my favourite world leaders.  From getting the French to actually work, to getting tough on terrorists, so far Sarko’s on a roll. 

But guys like Rudy Giuliani and Sarko prove that it’s often the guys who have the most screwed-up personal lives who make the best politicians.  Here’s my theory on it:  I think that these kinds of men are unlikely to sit around in the armchair watching the game and behaving themselves.  They’re ambitious and restless.  The type of person to “get things done” in their public life, is also a “doer” in their private life — which may not be a good thing, depending on what or WHO you’re “doing”.

For every great, successful politician, there’s a woman who’s sick and tired of his crap.  That’s just a fact.

So Sarkozy’s latest ex-wife, Cecilia, with whom he split in October, has come out with some rather kickass quotes in a new book.  My kinda gal!  Check it out:

*  Cecilia calls Sarko a “stingy philanderer” with a “behavioral problem”.

Le fun!

*  She says he’s “a man who likes no one, not even his own children”.  Ooh, ouch!

*  She calls his female friends “a bunch of slappers” (that’s whores, for those of us in North America), and his women ministers “a bunch of wallflowers”.  Oh, you go, girlfriend!

*  Cecilia, now back with the guy for whom she left Sarko in 2005, says of Sarko’s new supermodel/singer fiancee, Carla Bruni:  “Carla Bruni won’t make him forget me in a hurry!”

*  She describes Sarko’s male advisors, with whom she’s worked closely in the past, as “young guys who found themselves puffed out with power and who took themselves for the princes of Paris”.

*  She describes her role in releasing Bulgarian medics who were held prisoner in Muammar Ghaddafi’s Libya as “the greatest break-in of the century,” and says that “Ghaddafi had no intention of freeing these girls.  I led the negotiations – I took control of Ghaddafi.”

*  Apparently, according to this Telegraph article, she also boasted that she had the “balls” for the job.

Wow.  It’s official!  My favourite Frenchman isn’t Sarko anymore — it’s Cecilia. 


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One response to “January 11, 2008 – A woman, with “balls”, after my own heart

  1. samcat55

    The theme of this piece is: Don’t tick off your woman!

    John Adams was smart enough to know that. Imagine what Abigail Adams would do in this time period.

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