January 11, 2008 – From the archives: Terrorism in Canada

Gen. George Patton on terrorism:  A guy who knew how to fight a war

 I was talking this week with a friend from David Horowitz’s Front Page Magazine about doing a symposium, which reminded me of the last one I did, a year and a half ago, about terrorism in Canada.  (WHAT?!  There are terrorists in CANADA?!)

Incidentally, this case is still ongoing in Toronto, with some of the younger suspects having had charges against them stayed in exchange for a “terrorism peace bond”.  How fitting, since “peace” just happens to be their common religion’s middle name!  The only problem is that “peace” usually means blowing up infidels to get some “PEACE and quiet”.  Maybe they should have called the bond something else.

Anyway, have a look.  BTW, warning:  windbaggery ahead!  I think only two of us actually stuck to the word limit.

FP: Rachel Marsden, Stewart Bell, Patrick Grady, Michael Marzolini, and Robert Spencer, welcome to Frontpage Symposium.Rachel Marsden, let’s begin with you. Tell us in general what this Toronto 17 case is about and what you think its significance is. 

Marsden: In early June, Canadian authorities raided and charged 17 Muslim males in Canada with various terrorism related offenses. The suspects allegedly planned to attack government and civilian targets in Southern Ontario, and had taken steps to acquire bomb-making components, including a makeshift detonator and three tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer—a single ton of which was used in the Oklahoma City Bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in 1995.

If some of the allegations are true, the arrests averted what could have been the largest terrorist attack in North America since 9/11.

At the initial police press conference, the “variety of backgrounds” of the suspects was emphasized.  The fact that they were all Muslims was conveniently omitted.

Many Canadians still don’t understand why these members of the ‘religion of peace’ would want to harm Canadians—particularly here in Ontario where, in the name of “multiculturalism”, you can live in one of various cultural ghettos and never have to fully integrate with the rest of Canadian society.  In fact, we encourage it.  The Ontario government is so accommodating of people who aren’t keen on adopting Canadian values that it even flirted with the idea of sanctioning oppressive Sharia law.

On the op-ed pages, a former Liberal Deputy Prime Minister has whined “why us”?  Yeah go figure—the plots allegedly involved an attack on the far-left Canadian Broadcast Corporation which, ironically, has always taken great pains not to apply the “terrorist” label to people who blow stuff up.  And there’s nothing to suggest that the suspects planned to exempt all leftist politicians from an alleged attack on parliament.  That must be a real downer for liberals, after all their terrorist butt-kissing.

Muslim fanatics, from Osama bin Laden to Mullah Dadullah, have been saying they want to kill Canadians for years.  Unlike liberals, these guys are generally pretty good on the follow through.  So why do some of our “enlightened” friends still refuse to believe them?

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One response to “January 11, 2008 – From the archives: Terrorism in Canada

  1. samcat55

    If the terrorists exclusively murder those who do not expect or proclaim (or do not believe that terrorists exist) they will not be murdered by the terrorists, I have no objections to those people being murdered.

    The problem is when these fools who give carte blanche to terrorists to kill the rest of us, that seems very unfair that we should suffer due to their ignorance and ineptness about real life.

    Just a thought.

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