January 15, 2008 – Angelina Jolie Takes After Her Dad

Hollywood Rebels

 There’s another rebel in Hollywood, aside from Angelina Jolie — it’s her dad, John Voight.  I’ve written about him before on this blog, and he really is impressive in that whatever his politics — whether they’re moderate conservative or “classical liberal”, as one commenter put it (ie. the kind of liberal that has gone the way of the dodo bird in recent times), peppered with a dose of reality — he’s not afraid to put his butt on the line and risk alienating his Hollywood pals.  On an O’Reilly Factor program last year, he spoke of the very real dangers of radical Islam, and the realities of the war we’re fighting.

Now, he’s come out and officially endorsed Giuliani for President.  Now THAT is a true Hollywood badass.  It’s becoming increasingly obvious where his daughter gets that streak from.

Here’s the press release, from Fox News.

Incidentally, apparently Brad Pitt supports Obama.  And Angie reportedly let him have it.  That’s not to say that she supports Giuliani, too, as apparently she leans more towards John Edwards.  (That is, if you can believe what you read — and you often can’t!)  Still, I think it’s time for some tag-teaming of the boytoy over a Voight family dinner!

UPDATE:  Another celebrity endorsement for a GOPer.  This one’s for Fred Thompson, from his former Law and Order co-star, Michael Moriarty.  The news comes courtesy of a Canada Free Press column by my friend, Jim Kouri.


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