January 15, 2008 – Putting the primary races in perspective

What everyone can keep doing until Feb 5th

 For those of you who are freaking out (or alternatively getting wet-your-pants excited) over these early primary votes, here’s something to put it in perspective.  Or at least moreso than the media is doing by focusing on every single one of these state primary races like it’s the only thing happening on planet earth.

Take a look at the Republican calendar, and the Democratic calendar for each party’s primaries.

 You’ll see that the only day that really matters in the whole freaking schedule is “Super Tuesday”, where 1,081 delegates from over 20 states are decided for the GOP, for example.  (For the Democrats, Super Tuesday represents a whopping 2,075 votes).  The next most important date isn’t until March 4th, when Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas and Vermont cough up 265 delegates for the GOP, and 444 for the Dems.

So wake me up on Feb 4th, so I can get all gussied up to give a damn on the 5th.  Until then, I’ll only be pretending to give a damn — kind of like everyone else in the media who knows any better.


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One response to “January 15, 2008 – Putting the primary races in perspective

  1. samcat55

    If it is Saturday morning, it must be Romney, it Saturday evening it must be McCain. What is wrong with this picture?

    Rachel has it right, it will be close to the end at the conclusion of Super Tuesday, but take a look at Florida this weekend though. The winner there may end up with the nomination.

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