January 16, 2008 – Sure, go ahead! Slap your coworker!


At least HICKabee voters won’t be reproducing

Mike HICKabee pretty much said that it’s okay for smokers to slap their co-workers, when asked if he’d allow for a federal smoking ban in public places, flip-flopping from his earlier position.  (Because really, blowing smoke in someone’s face and knocking their teeth out are more or less the same thing — both are forms of assault, and cause health damage.)

See, when Hickabee was governor of Arkansas, he disallowed “smoking in any area where people have to work” indoors.  (Nowadays, if you want to poison your lungs — and your health — you can go sit outside on a restaurant patio with all the smokers, where the air USED TO be fresh.)

Check out this Hickabee cop-out:

“At a Lance Armstrong cancer forum last August, Governor Huckabee said that if Congress presented him with legislation banning smoking in public places, he would sign it, because he would not oppose the overwhelming public support that such a congressional vote would reflect. However, since such sentiment for federal legislation doesn’t exist at this time, and since he has said that the responsibility for regulating smoking initially lies with the states, the governor believes that this issue is best addressed at the local and state levels.”

I guess Huckabee doesn’t want to be seen as being too tough on morons who insist — despite all adverse warnings — on scoring themselves a death warrant.

No word yet on whether he’s re-thought his position on wives being subservient to their husbands, though.  I guess there isn’t much of an outcry among voters on that issue.  Scary.


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