January 18, 2008 – Does that mouth come with a holster?

An artistic tribute to US SecDef Robert Gates.

The Democrats’ favourite Bush administration member — Defence Secretary Robert Gates — is shooting off his mouth again.

The first time I noted this, it was late 2006, when Bush had nominated Gates for the SecDef position — not surprisingly, to the objection of pretty much ZERO democrats.

At the time, I criticized the Iraq Study Group report in a column.  Here’s what I said about Gates — and the “Iraq Cram Session” — back then:

“While not advocating for an immediate exit, the panel wants American combat troops out of the country by 2008. Now that they have a better idea of when the infidels will be clearing out, I’m sure the jihadists in Iraq will be grateful for the heads-up so they’ll be able to plan a little time with the relatives in Europe, or maybe apply for one of those student-terrorist diversity placements at Yale.

One of the study group’s members commented the “U.S. isn’t winning or losing in Iraq,” thereby demonstrating a breathtaking level of nuance that could only emanate from the over inflated windbag of a true academic — or from an orifice belonging to Sen. John Kerry.This same individual also commented that “all options are on the table,” as though he’s talking about the buffet at his local Red Lobster, when I would think his job was to recommend a few decent dishes.Unfortunately, both of these brain droppings fell from the mouth of Bob Gates — Bush’s new nominee for Defence Secretary. Not surprisingly, he seems to be one of the few Republican appointees whom the liberal Democrats like.The panel recommends that America place Mideast peace in the hands of Iran and Syria — the same Syria that has been cited for severe human rights abuses and provides cash and cover to terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas.”Usually when we speak of the “fog of war”, it refers to the murkiness of battle and decisions made within that context.

It does not typically refer to the murkiness of one’s own thoughts when speaking ABOUT the war, as was apparently the case with SecDef Robert Gates this week, when he said to the LA Times of allied military efforts against terrorists/Taliban in Afghanistan:

“Our (American) guys in the east, under Gen. Rodriguez, are doing a terrific job. They’ve got the (counterinsurgency) thing down pat,” Gates said. “But I think our allies over there, this is not something they have any experience with.”

Canada’s Defence Minister and avid rugby player, Peter MacKay, whose country has seen 77 military deaths in Afghanistan to date, replied:

“I think we have it right.  Clearly, we have to prepare ourselves for the changing face of warfare, and counterinsurgency is not something we are just encountering in Afghanistan.”

Canadian DefMin Peter MacKay(2nd from right):  Demonstrating the ultimate preparedness for guerilla warfare!

Likewise, I’m sure the Brits are thrilled to hear Gates’ dire assessment of their skills.

Incidentally, Gates gave an interview to the lefties at NPR yesterday, which was picked up by Ahmadinejad’s “news” network in Iran, with the headline, “Gates:  Iran Poses No Threat To US”.  The article says he “dismisses” previous American concerns.

Does that trigger-yap (that’s probably his secret service name) come with a safety? If so, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD…ENGAGE!!  MAYDAY, MAYDAY!



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3 responses to “January 18, 2008 – Does that mouth come with a holster?

  1. samcat55

    Actually, one can blame Jimmy Cahter for the problems we have in Iran now.

    As for threats to the USA, we need only go to the loons who are head of the House and the Senate that pose more of a threat to the USA than the people running Iran.

    I would say that Gates would be a RINO, but many Republicans are starting to sound more like Democrats every day.

  2. augurwell

    I think Robert Gates has done a fine job as SecDef (Secretary of War) I still miss Rumsfeld but Gates has brought us together during this war and I am fine with his direct manner and the way he deals with the press, he has a good rapport with them, the reporters. I have read many transcripts and reports from Gates and he makes good sense.
    Many I know from both sides of the political line think he’s a good guy and he also has our support.

    I think Gates pointed out the condition of NATO very well and that Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and the Dutch are keeping up their end and that other members of NATO should be living up to their own commitments more than they have been, to do more counterinsurgency training with our allies in the region and to better help with the conditions on the ground in these places where we are at war.

    The sending of a Marine (MEU 3,200) to Afghanistan is also a good idea. He has fulfilled about half the requirement requested by command in the field – that approx 7,500 troops are needed for combat and for counterinsurgency training and to be ready for the spring fighting seasson.

    The very face of conflict changes from month to month these days – returning to the campaign after a year dwell time will find you in a completely different inviron.

    The region of the east is getting better – I remember all the nay sayers who predicted the failure of the surge – I shall remember them as the defeatists of the western world and anything else they may say about future ideas or plans is to be tainted by their previous thinking on ways forward. Again the surge was the right thing to do. I think that the Baker commission tried to be everything to everbody and that this is a losing position to make and a common pitfall of some ploiticians… of lesser politicians.

    George Bush has also been doing a good job giving the Mddle-East a nudge in the right direction concerning the peacemaking of the 2 free state situation between Israel and Palistine living in peace and respect side by side and to keep a close watch on Iran.

    We face some serious challenges concerning the situation in Pakistan and I understand that a request for US/NATO assistance from Pakistan is be to be considered, that a request may be forth comming for support inside Pakistan.

    On another note: Rudy Giuliani is by far the best candidate for President in the race of any who are running, from either party! He has a wealth of experience from running New York City and he rose to the occassion admirably when the city came under attack from fanatics. He will have my full support as President. He is best qualified for the task of leading the free world in in these dangerous times.

    A last thought – what would the Middle-East be like today if the coalition had not stood up and took the action that they did in this area where corruption runs rampid and so much kaos was in evidence and so much human suffering?

    “From those whom have been given much, much is expected.” And much indeed has been accomplished.
    We have made many significant advances this last year and have been graced with successes, let us continue in this favorable light.

  3. samcat55

    I agree with Rachel’s assessment of Gates. Here the Dems whine that no body likes us and supports us with this war on terror, and they fall lock in step with someone who is critical of the allies we have in the field. That is not a good way to keep allies.

    If Giuliani is the best candidate for President, I think I will sit out this election, just as I did in 1976. Sometime the USA has to hit bottom before we get a gem like Ronald Reagan.

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