January 21, 2008 – OH, there’s no TREKKIE candidate yet!

Hey, do we have one of THESE in the race yet?

 Why are all the Mormons voting for Mitt Romney in the primaries, and the evangelical christians favouring Mike Huckabee?  How freaking ridic.  When people vote along religious lines, it makes the USA look a lot more like a theocracy than a democracy. 

As long as the candidates aren’t in some way representative of a religous group or ideology with which we happen to be at war, can we perhaps focus on their IDEAS rather than whatever personal faith they happen to be playing up, or down, for the sake of political benefit?

Because, if you think about it, that’s what they’re always doing in countries (I’m thinking Mideast ones, here) where there’s a neverending supply of headaches and problems.


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