January 25, 2007 – www.askaterrorist.com

Ever wanted to ask a terrorst a burning question?  Well, it turns out that al-Qaeda’s number 2 man (after Osama), al-Zawahiri, is taking questions from visitors to three al-Qaeda websites.  (For crying out loud — as I’ve said before, can we not run traces through these damn internet providers?!)

Questioners express an interest in Bin Laden’s health, in taking the war out of the Middle East and over to the West (as apparently they’d rather fight us HERE than OVER THERE — thanks for proving Bush right in his Iraq strategy, al-Psycho), and in the impact of global warming on global jihad.



Abu Arsad (not exactly as shown)

Someone by the name of Abu Arsad actually asks:

“How do you see the issue of global warming and what effect it would have on the current international fight against Islam?”

A liberal, terrorist and global warming fairy tale proponent all rolled into one.  How can one person not implode under the sheer force of such flaming idiocy?


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  1. samcat55

    Great picture!!! It was a great chuckle! Thanks, Rachel.

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