January 25, 2008 – If you don’t watch this video, I will invade your living room…

…and “smart bomb” you with it — unilaterally, and without the consent of the United Nations.

 Seriously, everyone who thinks that the invasion of Iraq was a “mistake” or that it was unjustified and simply a part of some grand conspiracy by George Bush, Halliburton, Darth Vader, Freddy Kruger, Darth Sidius, etc, needs to watch this video.

 It just goes to show that the Democrats talk a good game, but it took a Republican president to get into office before finally doing something about the threat that EVERYONE from BOTH sides of the aisle saw as being very real — until, of course, the media re-wrote history after the invasion to suddenly depict Iraq as being totally free of WMDs (something that was likely easy to do on Saddam’s part, when you have months to prepare for an invasion and get those weapons shipped out of the country).  Just as the teacher was about to walk into the classroom, he tossed his stash out the window.  To say that he never had it is still, to me, so laughable.  But then again, the people who believe he never had WMDs tend to be the same ones who believe Mother Gore fairy tales about how polar bears are drowning.

(Thanks to the reader who emailed it to me.)


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