January 30, 2008 – BARRY OBAMA FOR PROM KING!


 Ted Kennedy, his son Patrick, and his niece (JFK’s daughter, Caroline) are all endorsing Barack Obama for Prom King.

Or at least that’s all they should be endorsing him for.  Instead, Caroline Kennedy wrote an op/ed for the NY Times — the liberals’ favourite organ — explaining why Obama should be voted class president…er…I mean President of the United States.

Like B. Hussein Obama himself, she speaks of change, hope, and other lovey-dovey stuff that gives absolutely no indication of what the heck B. Hussein would do if he were elected.

She talks about JFK “changing lives” — but he was also a war veteran, ready to go to war, if necessary to defend the interests of the USA and the free world.  Today, he would be drummed out of the Democratic Party and be running against John McCain for the GOP nomination.

She left that part out — and the part about Obama being so anti-war as to not really have any scenario in which he’d authorize that kind of use of force.

She could have said, “Obama gives great quote”.  That, he does.  But her father did a lot more than that.


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