January 30, 2008 – Get ready for Clinton vs. McCain


…But the GOP primary race isn’t over until Rudy dresses up as a fat lady and sings.

Now that the Florida primary is over, and Hillary Clinton won her party’s vote by a landslide, it’s a pretty safe assumption that she’ll be the Democratic candidate.  On the GOP side, it’s looking increasingly likely that the nod will go to John McCain.

Bill Clinton said such a match-up will likely be the most civilized, ever.  Knowing the kind of hardball that the Clintons play though, I have a tough time believing that.  They can get incredibly nasty with their oppo tactics, but their opponent often has no idea where the bullet’s coming from.

So the big question everyone is asking me is, “Hey what happened to Giuliani?”  Well, Rudy’s main disadvantage, as I’ve pointed out before, is that the media either ignored him or, when they weren’t ignoring him, attacked him relentlessly.  While their politics are very similar, McCain operated largely off the media radar as a non-threat up until very recently.  In fact, his campaign almost folded from lack of cash, about 6-7 months ago.

Watch for Rudy to throw his support behind McCain very soon.  There’s no point with him continuing on himself, given that he has no chance and no money at this point. 

Some people think that if Rudy would have put more effort into earlier caucuses and primaries, rather than focusing entirely on Florida and the Super Tuesday states, then he would have created more “momentum” and had more of a chance.  Somehow, I doubt that.  This “momentum” of which political analysts speak is largely a media driven phenomenon — and Rudy was never going to have the media on his side.  You can’t operate a campaign in the dark — and the media largely assured that he would have to.

Granted, Giuliani could have spent more money on advertising in the earlier states, but local ads don’t have anywhere near the power of the big mainstream media machine and its echo chamber reverberations, spanning from coast-to-coast.

I mean, Britney Spears had perfume ads out, too.  Does anyone remember them?  I doubt it.  All we see is the media driven chaos.

The next bit of speculation is going to center on who the running mates will be.

I predict that Clinton will choose New Mexico’s Bill Richardson, a well-liked Hispanic from a southern state.  And who knows who McCain will pick — although he’d be wise to choose a popular southern governor.


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One response to “January 30, 2008 – Get ready for Clinton vs. McCain

  1. samcat55

    It is not a slam dunk for either Clinton or McCain. Clinton still has to win big on Super Tuesday. She has only won two campaigns by relative margins where Obama has stomped on her in South Carolina and won in white Iowa. Obama continues to gain ground from the campaigning of Bill and the race card, and where they have been campaigning, Clinton comes in second.

    As for McCain and Romney, as the last two leave (Guilani who supported McCain, wow, what a surprise and Huckabee who is dead man walking), their support will be divided between Romney and McCain. Romney has money, he will not give up easily, McCain has limited resources and many conservative talk hosts who loathe him and his “conservative” credentials.

    It is not over yet there either.

    We could see a great amount of decision and consternation in both party conventions, and should the Democrats backlash and seat the Michigan and Florida delegates, you may find an African American electorate abandon the Democrats.

    As for me, I will not vote for Insane McCain. The Republicans will finally have left me out, and the time to register as an Independent will come.

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