February 4, 2008 – GrandCentralPolitical.com: Expanding the traditional corridors of political power and opportunity into cyberspace



“We’re expanding the traditional corridors of political power and opportunity into cyberspace.”

NEW YORK, NY (Feb. 4, 2008) —  Media personality and political strategist, Rachel Marsden, has launched the world’s first bipartisan online political talent community and accompanying magazine:  GrandCentralPolitical.com.

“Maybe the next Barack Obama  or John McCain will get their start through GrandCentralPolitical.com?  Or even the next Bill O’Reilly or Keith Olbermann,” says Marsden.  “Until now, people in this business haven’t really known where to turn for political or political media opportunities.  We’re expanding the traditional corridors of political power and opportunity into cyberspace.”

Marsden — who has run political campaigns and a public relations business, worked as a think-tank director in Washington, DC, appeared on CNN, Fox News, CNBC, and has published columns in various print and online publications including the New York Post, National Post, United Press International and Sun Media – created the site to instantly connect political, media, and public relations talent with related opportunities.

“Anyone in the industry – or wanting to start a career in politics or political media — can sign up for free and get their very own page on the site, in about 2 minutes.  They can upload their resume, headshot, YouTube video demo, and experience, and be scouted by media outlets looking for guests, companies looking for lobbyists — or politicians, public relations firms and even agents seeking new talent ,” explains Marsden.  “If they want, they can actively search for opportunities, and contribute to the bipartisan, international political magazine to showcase their talent to decision makers.”

Marsden says that the site will begin by serving the USA, Canada, UK, and France, with plans to expand both the site features and reach as the business grows.

“Employers and media outlets can place help wanted ads, or purchase a membership that enables them to instantly search and view talent based on keywords.  Media outlets looking for political talking heads have been Googling keywords to find guests.  That’s just ridiculous.  Politicians and firms have had to look in so many different places to find the best talent.  GrandCentralPolitical.com will bring all the available talent to a single place – and finally take the business of politics and political media into the 21st century,” says Marsden.


To schedule an interview, contact: 

Rachel Marsden,



Email:  Rachel@GrandCentralPolitical.com 


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One response to “February 4, 2008 – GrandCentralPolitical.com: Expanding the traditional corridors of political power and opportunity into cyberspace

  1. cedille2008

    It’s FINALLY here!! Congratulations!

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