February 12, 2008 – Didn’t he look outside this morning?

Yeah, it’s really hot out, Mike.

 On the coldest day in NYC that I can remember — a day in actually snowed — our city’s Mayor, Mike Bloomberg, awoke and proclaimed that globull warming is as much of a threat as terrorism.  Wow yeah Mike, I’m sure the armed Hercules Unit NYPD personnel with the giant rifles down on Wall Street are in complete agreement.  Maybe they can earn some added overtime guarding the ozone layer?

He actually said, “Global warming has the potential to kill everybody.” 

But hey, not before we’re all able to get a WICKED tan!

When Bono, Al Gore and the Hollywood “green” crowd stop flying in private jets and hosting events with massive “carbon footprints” (whatever the heck that is), then I’ll start to get a bit more concerned.  Right now, I’ve got to figure that because it’s all okay with those guys, then things aren’t really that bad.

I think folks need to focus more on tangible, immediate impact environmental problems — like pollution.  Smog.  That sort of thing.  The air quality in big cities is horrible, particularly in the summer.  Now THAT is an immediate problem — heck, there are environmental REFUGEES in Asia!  — not the fact that some ice is melting at one pole, while it’s accumulating at the other.  Or that a bunch of scientists signed on to some “global warming declaration” because they want their funding extended.

Every summer, when the pollution sets into the city for months on end, I’m reminded of the fact that there are real enviro problems.  Why aren’t these people?

And, more importantly, when can they legitimately considered candidates for commitment to the local psych ward for saying such this global warming mumbo jumbo aloud?


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One response to “February 12, 2008 – Didn’t he look outside this morning?

  1. samcat55

    I just spoke to someone in the midwest where she told me it was going to get to 5 degrees tomorrow for a high, not to mention all of the snow they had been getting.

    Yep, global warming. Gotta love it.

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