February 12, 2008 – Get ready for “Gramps vs. Junior”

Sometimes I think it’s a bit frightening, this way in which the leader of the Free World is chosen.  This is the most schizophrenic election race that I’ve seen in my entire lifetime.  It NOW seems that because Bill Clinton has failed to remove his foot from his mouth after a series of nasty attacks — including one in which he compared his wife’s political opponent to Jesse Jackson —  and Hillary apparently hasn’t been able to ditch the dodgy vibe to the point where people actually trust her, it looks like Junior Prom King, BarackBarry, might actually grow up to be president.  As in, like, in a few months. 

 And his opponent would be John McCain.  Should this indeed end up being the match-up — that is, barring any unforeseen events, which assumes a lot — my gut instinct tells me that we’re going to see the JFK/Nixon race play out all over again.

Watch this video.  And I mean, watch the whole thing.  I have a really strong feeling that this particular piece of history — which demonstrates how image can trounce substance — may very well play out again this year:


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One response to “February 12, 2008 – Get ready for “Gramps vs. Junior”

  1. samcat55

    It looks more like Cahter vs Ford, although there certainly are similarites between JFK and Nixon with BO and McCain. The main difference between JFK and BO is that JFK actually had far more experience in the political and war theaters at a younger age than BO.

    I can hear Bentsen’s comments now and can be used against BO…..

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