February 15, 2008 – George Bush = Soup Nazi

George W. Bush (not exactly as shown…but pretty close).

George Bush is officially a Nazi.  Make that a SOUP NAZI.  To little African kids.  Yes, that’s right — after years of leftist whining about US interventionism and spreading treasury funds around the globe in order to help out, for example, the folks who were being killed and oppressed by the likes of the Taliban and Saddam Hussein, the whiners are finally getting what they want. President Bush is now telling Congress that the cash flow to these foreign countries has to stop if the USA isn’t going to see a decent return on its dollar.  Not all African countries have taken the free cash giveaways from the USA and invested it wisely like the Ethiopians did.  Now there’s a country that went from starving to kicking Islamic militant butt next door in Somalia fairly recently.  Looks like they’ve gotten their priorities straightened out and are doing alright for themselves.

 According to the Associated Press article: 

“We have also revolutionized the way we approach development,” Bush said. “Too many nations continue to follow either the paternalistic notion that treats African countries as charity cases, or a model of exploitation that seeks only to buy up their resources. America rejects both approaches.”

Instead, Bush said, the U.S. treats African leaders as equal partners who must set clear goals and achieve measurable results.

Bottom line:  Welfare doesn’t really work anywhere in the world, and there are some folks — or countries — who lack the incentive get off it.  (Okay, I understand that JK Rowling wrote her first Harry Potter book while on welfare, but that’s one case.)  I’m not talking about the general population of these countries, per se — but the leaders who are obviously misusing the cash.  Kind of like Saddam Hussein did for years, while the Left cried about it — that is, until the US decided to fix the situation…leading, ironically, to more leftist whining.

So now the Left gets what it has been asking for, once again — less foreign interventionism by the USA.  But what do you want to bet the whining won’t be ending anytime soon?


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