February 15, 2008 – No wonder the Left loves this guy

Ahmadinejad:  Dead last among his FaceBook friends in the “Best Listener” category of the “Compare People” application

I can see why the anti-US, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is seen by many on the Left as a hero.  Some folks felt that, even back when he kidnapped and later released British sailors and Marines, he was really showing the West how diplomacy was done.  I suppose these folks would also think it was super if I punched them in the face…and then kissed it better.Anyway, in addition to enriching uranium by spinning uranium GAS — which, really, is the psycho-bombmaking equivalent of snorting Aqua Velva to get high…not to mention that it’s potentially the most damaging, given that this is how the NUKE CORE is made — Ahmadinejad is censoring news sites ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections.  This, by a guy who has a blog and a couple of news channels all to himself. 

 The Left likes censorship, too.  Oh, they say they don’t — that they’re all about “free speech”.  But really, they’re only in favour of “free speech” when you’re saying what they want to hear.  Kind of like our Iranian pal, Mahmoud here.  Which might be why leftists only complain about guys like him until we actually do something about them.


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