February 20, 2008 – A Reminder That Castro Isn’t Dead Yet…


You know it’s time to retire when you have to hold up the paper with today’s date to prove you’re still alive.

He’s not dead, just retiring.  Hey, maybe to Florida!  (doubt it)  So Fidel Castro’s stepped down from power.  I still wonder if that’s a euphemism for “he dead” — because really, in his case, it’s the same thing.

 Really, though — whoop-dee-doo!  I don’t understand why so many of my fellow conservatives think this is going to make one iota of difference when his slightly less geriatric but equally well-preserved commie brother, Raoul, is waiting in the wings and ready to take charge (apparently on Sunday).

Click here for some fun facts about Raoul Dearest — a man who considers Fidel more of a father than a brother, apparently.  Wooo-eee!  Just imagine the kind of Freudian disaster we have to look forward to here!  He also executed his best friend for nothing much more than the fact that Fidel didn’t like him.  Dictators really don’t play well with others, do they?  Good thing there are no Cabinets involved.


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