February 21, 2008 – Why the New York Times attack on John McCain will backfire

Bill Clinton to McCain:  “Pfffffffffft.  Amateur.”

 So the New York Times has just broken what they figure is apparently a major story, “outing” the GOP’s presidential nominee, John McCain, as having a “romantic” relationship with a much younger (as in 40 years old — not THAT young, but he’s 70, remember) lobbyist….EIGHT YEARS AGO.

I suppose there’s something here for everyone:  The salacious “romance” element for those who couldn’t care less about politics and just want dirty gossip…and the idea of a politician getting lovey-dovey with a lobbyist (an ethical no-no in politics).

Apparently, McCain’s lawyers gave the NYT something like 12 concrete examples where he flat-out turned down offers and “advances” by lobbyists (they were likely not as hot, or as female, as this chick though).  You’d think the NYT would have perhaps included that in their million word story — you know, in the interest of balance.

Anyway, this whole story will blow over quickly and have little political impact.  Even if it’s true (and as we’ve already seen, personal attacks like this about McCain have turned out NOT to be), it’s not like McCain has ever run on a moralist platform — and the evangelicals who would be most offended by such a thing generally dislike him already.  But as his own 90-something year old mother said, they’re going to have to hold their noses and support him at some point — at risk of getting someone ravingly liberal like Obama into the Oval Office.

Plus, the guy’s 70.  Even if it’s remotely true, no one wants to give this too much thought.  Really, we don’t.  Just.  Too.  Much.  Information.

McCain is still at somewhat of a disadvantage with personal smears like this, though.  Because if something of the like was ever aimed at Barack Obama, it would just serve to make him look more pimp.  I mean, he’s already admitted to drugs and other things, and it barely registered.



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2 responses to “February 21, 2008 – Why the New York Times attack on John McCain will backfire

  1. samcat55

    Picking on a 71 man with a decade old story is nothing typical of the Times. What is unusual is that so much has been said about nothing.

    No McCain supporter am I, but this story has no legs. It has no brain either.

    If the Times wanted to really have a go with McCain on substance, all they need do is remind the American public about the Keating 5. Yep, McCain is just about as principled as Steny Hoyer. Then again, the truth has never been the print media’s strong suit.

  2. Although a Scottish lad deserves to be President, McCain is fried. As in Frozen McCain fries….

    Why the hell does the GOP always pick someone too old to be elected?

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