February 25, 2008 – How About “Under Attack”?


John McCain wanted to use ABBA’s “Take A Chance On Me” for a campaign song. But apparently ABBA ain’t cheap – and McCain might be.

I don’t understand all the drama with these campaign songs. Hillary Clinton was using Celine Dion’s “You and I” since last June or so, but now she’s dropped it. Maybe because it was written by a PR executive as a jingle for an airline (Air Canada) that recently saw one of its pilots totally flip his lid, mid-flight. Which, obviously, bears no resemblance to the current state of the Clinton campaign.

Anyone have any suggestions for campaign songs?



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3 responses to “February 25, 2008 – How About “Under Attack”?

  1. samcat55

    As for campaign songs, here is a novel idea. Why not write one of their own?

    Even the Obama express has been chided by someone to cease and desist using his song “I’m coming” as his theme song.

    They have creative people in these campaigns, how about using some of it rather than ripping off other folks?

    Just a thought.

  2. I fucking hate these politicians. It’s like they’re selling Pepsi or Coke; either way, I’d rather be snorting coke or buying PEP stock than worrying about some silly soundtrack!

    McCain should hire a classical violinist–to appeal to the over 65 set;) while Barack gets some hiphop and Clinton gets a porn soundtrack….

    Btw, just like Pepsi or Coke ads, I’m smart enough to ignore the political kool-aid that many apparently love to swallow.

  3. mexicantornado

    I don’t know what would be a good song of McCain but I really doubt ABBA has any good songs for a war hero presidential candidate. ABBA is just one step above The Doobie Brothers.

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