March 17, 2008 – Bling Bling needs to get back to work work


Set to visit Buckingham Palace, along with new his ex-supermodel-turned-songstress wife, Carla Bruni, French President Nicolas “Bling Bling” Sarkozy has apparently been asked to tone down his pimpness in Queen Liz’s presence.

According to the Daily Mail

“Nicolas Sarkozy has been told by image gurus to leave his Rolex watch and Ray-Ban sunglasses in Paris when he visits the Queen next week.

Senior advisers are warning the flashy French president his “bling” appearance may not go down well with British royalty when he arrives at Windsor Castle with his supermodel wife Carla Bruni.

Aides at the Elysee Palace have issued Sarkozy with a list of instructions in a bid to tone down his movie star persona.

It includes not picking fights with members of the public, not giving interviews while wearing his jogging shorts and not sending text messages while in top-level meetings.”

In other words, they’re telling him to basically stop behaving like Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears. 

But can’t give interviews while wearing jogging shorts?!  I don’t see why not.  In fact, I think that should be a new rule for all press corps:  Questions can ONLY be asked during jogs.  Less long-windedness all-around, and more comedy are both good things.

Incidentally, this isn’t for the benefit of the Queen, you know.  Obviously, wealth or “bling” doesn’t impress her — or disturb her — because she can out-bling this guy anyday.  This is more of a public relations exercise to appease les mobs back home.

Canada’s most popular (and arguably most liberal) Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, was the original “Bling Bling” world leader, back in the 70s.  He even did pirouettes behind the Queen’s back during an official visit.  He flipped “the public” the middle finger, and mouthed “f**k off” to an opponent in Parliament.  He had a different starlet on his arm nearly every night.  He’s still celebrated for all this — even though he FUBARed the country up, folks really dig his style.

But Sarkozy’s polling numbers have dropped from the 70s to the high 30s.  Why?  He could be as flashy as he wants, as long as he’s SEEN to be getting things done (whether then end up screwing the country up for all eternity, like Trudeau’s did, or not — people just want to see some action).  All these reforms he said he’d implement appear to now be taking a backseat to his long bath in the limelight.  Granted, he has 4 more years in office to meet his goals.  But people want to SEE some improvements from the man who has always prided himself on speedy reform.  So far, all they’re witnessing is a lot of drama.  This may be due, in part, to the media’s focus on the latter rather than the former — but his communications efforts haven’t been helping.

Get a few more of those promised accomplishments under your belt, Sarko, and trust me — you’ll be able to flip off all the folks you want.


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