April 18, 2008 – I’m Baaaack!

Hi all,

I took a break from politics and commentary for a few weeks, but thought I’d make a return and have a bit of fun.  I’m going to take a break from writing and do a daily (or at least near-daily) 10 minute video commentary.  Sometimes, I’ll do it from my apartment here in New York City, at other times, I’ll record it on the fly while between meetings or walking (rushing) around the city.  The resulting videos will be posted here every day occasionally.  It’s all about having fun, so I’m up for trying something new and different.




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6 responses to “April 18, 2008 – I’m Baaaack!

  1. Welcome back! Missed the drive-bys while you were gone.

    I like the idea of the video post, but you might not want to lock yourself in to ten minutes. Knowing the attention span of most folks in the West, a shorter, more concise commentary might carry more weight. Just a suggestion!

  2. hellfireblogs

    Welcome back. I love the video, keep them coming.

  3. well come on kiddo! where are you daily videotorials? Btw, your hair is freaking long yikes it looks like mine c.2006…. Glad i got rid of it.:) Do you have an assistant with camera or you self shoot? I’m thinking of getting in the commentary biz myself–so I can shoot the crap out of the liars out there.:P

  4. Hey, Rachel, that was fun, and I hope you’ll keep producing these. Can I recommend, however, that you consider less movement? The constant motion was a little distracting and made you look a little insecure. Why not just sit there and talk to us? You look great, and your material is pretty good. Trust that! Keep it simple!

  5. Here’s a thought: If Obama wins in November, will the media, like myself, say he lives in the Black House?

  6. 2legit2spit

    RACHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome back. Hope to see more videos.

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