May 26, 2008 – Happy Memorial Day (to ignoramuses, too)!

Good times
Good times

Just dropping by on the Memorial Day holiday to tip my hat to the men and women of the armed forces who are busy defending freedom and protecting our interests – even while some among us are busy being ignoramuses about it all. The sense of security and comfort that comes from being utterly ignorant of the dangers we actually face is only really a testament to the excellence achieved by those doing the protecting.

Anyway, in tribute, let’s have some fun with videos! Here’s a cool one of the United States Marine Corps silent drill platoon, performing at a Denver Nuggets basketball game. Note these are 10lb M1 rifles:

Yesterday I was out at the New York Airshow (Jones Beach, Long Island) and got to hang with the F-22 Raptor – the most amazing fighting machine in the world (unless you’re Russian, in which case you’d probably argue that one of the Su models is better). Since I couldn’t hold a videocam and shove my fingers deep into my ears at the same time (if you think earplugs would have done it, then you haven’t seen a F-22 Raptor flying live), here are a couple of vids from YouTube that show you the same sort of things:

F-22 takeoff at Langley AFB:

BTW, here’s the Su-30 and the F-22 performing the exact same airshow moves in splitscreen. Discuss which you like better (and why) in the comment section of this post:


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