May 28, 2008 – The Pope should avoid getting punk’d again

Iran’s best known traffic management specialist and nuclear aficionado, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, wants to drop by and meet with the Pope while he’s in town for some United Nations food meeting (watch him make it all about how the Jews eat too much) being held in Rome.

The Pope doesn’t mess around. After Osama bin Laden needled Pope Benedict in the media for crusading against Islam, Benedict responded by baptising an Islamic journalist into the Catholic faith, who then declared to the world: “Beyond the contingency of the phenomenon of Islamic extremism and terrorism that has appeared on a global level, the root of evil is inherent in an Islam that is physiologically violent and historically conflictive.”

The only mistake the Pope made was meeting with an Iranian delegation at the Vatican AFTER this wonderful coup. Because the Iran “News” Agency reported the meeting as a victory for Iran, the Koran and Islam. (BTW, here in the US, we’re used to our spin being just a bit more subtle, guys.)

The Pope was totally punk’d – and that’s NOT cool. Besides, that’s the United Nations’ job – or Barack Obama’s, if he manages to win in November.

If Benedict actually meets with this clown again, he’d better have some sweet payback on deck. Unless Pope Benedict has another “Islamic to Catholic” conversion lined up and ready to be performed DURING the visit – something that could double as a public relations sledgehammer with which to hit the Iranian “News” Agency and other Islamic agitprop outfits over the head while the Pope’s wasting his time babysitting Mahmoud for an hour or two, I’d say he’s better off taking a pass and spending the day buffing up those red Prada loafers, instead.

But even the UN is getting fed up with Mahmoud – or at least their toothless nuclear energy watchdog (IAEA) is starting to gum away at his heels. The latest report basically says that Iran is stonewalling on explaining the installation of new uranium enriching centrifuges, and denying access to UN inspectors. It expresses concern that the country could be developing nuclear power beyond what is allowable to power his Wii and Playstation.

Naturally, Iran responded with what amounted to: “This report offends us, so now we’re going to cooperate even less.”

Hey now! You can’t do that! This is the United Nations you’re talking to! We’ll bury you under a flurry of reports and resolutions! And no one wants that now, do they? Papercuts suck, Mahmoud. Their pain is often greatly underestimated. Just remember that the next time you tell off a governing world body.


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One response to “May 28, 2008 – The Pope should avoid getting punk’d again

  1. infin81

    The U.N. is useless. They have never accomplished anything worth doing.

    As for Iran, well sadly my leanings are not terribly politically correct, albeit they would be most effective and keep Mahmouds fingers out of the proverbial nuclear pie.

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