May 30, 2008 – Would you like a hijab with that?

Apparently some people are upset that TV cook Rachael Ray appeared in a Dunkin Donuts ad wearing a scarf that smacked of “terror wear“. Somehow I doubt the jihadists hanging out and waiting for Osama bin Laden’s smoke signals were told to “watch for the YUM-O cooking chick to show up wearing a fugly scarf in a coffee commercial”.

If there’s one thing the jihadists aren’t, it’s subtle. So chances are that if you have to read this much into it, it ain’t terrorism or any symptom thereof. Trust me, if there’s any danger to address, it won’t be the fashion equivalent of a Rorshach Test.

Dunkin Donuts copped out and pulled the ad, rather than simply say that people are being silly. I suppose they just wanted to kill the issue instead of dragging it out.

Meanwhile, another preacher at Obama’s church is talking about “white entitlement”. Apparently Father Pfleger is afflicted with the world’s worst case of white guilt:

I wonder if he’s from Detroit – just like all the best white rappers? In Obama’s case, going to church sounds almost the same as staying home and watching standup on Comedy Central.



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3 responses to “May 30, 2008 – Would you like a hijab with that?

  1. Clearly, religious wackos exist on both the left and right. Can G-d tell the difference between them?

    Dunkin’ timbits in my kool-aid,


  2. infin81

    Some people have entirely too much time on their hands. Who cares what scarf Rachael Ray is wearing?

  3. What scarf is R.M wearing? Is she a Church of Obama convert?

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