May 31, 2008 – HELP! Celibritards are running out of places to move!

Whoops! Guess France and Canada are out.

We know it’s getting closer to the presidential election here in the USA when the typical leftist celebs start threatening to move to some comlib utopia if a Republican dares get himself democratically elected. Launching the political Celibritard Silly Season, Susan Sarandon says she’ll move to Italy or Canada if McCain (who’s really more of a pragmatic centrist than anything else) gets elected. ARE YOU FRIGGIN LISTENING, FLYOVER STATES? Govern yourselves accordingly at the ballot box, dammit!

As of April, Silvio Berlusconi (a conservative) is charge over in Italy…and CANADA? There hasn’t been a Liberal government running Canada since January 2006. But I guess they’re getting hard up for places to go, the poor things.

Four years ago, director Robert Altman threatened to relocate to France, as did former ABC News Correspondent (and JFK administration flack), Pierre Salinger. Altman won’t have to worry about it this time around because he’s busy dirt napping. But unfortunately for the others, there’s a right-winger running France now, too: Nicolas Sarkozy d’Hotness. (UPDATE: Pierre Salinger is dead now, too.)

Oh well, there’s always Cuba – and a few other true comlib options besides Italy. Although, “If John McCain gets elected, I’m moving to Cuba/Russia/China/North Korea/etc” doesn’t really have the same ring of glamour – or sanity – does it?


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One response to “May 31, 2008 – HELP! Celibritards are running out of places to move!

  1. infin81

    Micheal Moore threatened to move to Canada too…but guess what, he’s still in the United States. Hollow threats…but what makes these clowns think that we want them up here either?

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