June 2, 2008 – Did Obama drink McCain’s milkshake?

Not so much.

If you believed Barack Obama (0 years military experience) and his magical patter, you’d think John McCain (decorated Vietnam war hero) was out to stick it to the troops by refusing to support the recent G.I. bill that passed in the Senate.

I can’t figure out who is dumber: Obama for thinking he could stick it to a GOP war hero on a military issue, or the idiots who believe that he could manifestly succeeded in doing so without complicit help from the media (who apparently can’t wrap their birdbrains around this issue well enough to communicate it in plainspeak to the voting public).

What has been omitted in most media reports is the fact that McCain and other GOP senators have a similar bill pending, whereby educational benefits would be transferable to other family members. They think it’s an even better bill than the Democratic one which just passed – and which Defense Secretary Robert Gates feels would be a detriment to military retention.

McCain said he’d rather those benefits be transferable, and not act as a disincentive to staying on and becoming a non-commissioned member (which McCain, having served himself, calls “the backbone of the military”).

But of course, we’re not getting that story in the media: We’re hearing that McCain wants to stick it to the troops. Because, yeah, that’s just so much more likely to any thinking person with an IQ above that of a pizza pocket.


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One response to “June 2, 2008 – Did Obama drink McCain’s milkshake?

  1. I cannot support someone who murdered innocent people. Anyone, from top down that participates in war, is an idiot. The fact Obama was not used as a tool to kill foreigners is a reason he should win in November.

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