June 3, 2008 – Dangerously toying with karma

Brain cancer = NOT comedy gold

Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) underwent tumor shrinking surgery yesterday, and was apparently wide awake while surgeons sliced out some of the cancer (a typically fatal malignant glioma).

As much as I oppose Kennedy politically, I was shocked to see some of my fellow right-wingers mocking the senator’s current health situation. It’s the kind of idiocy that rivals that of the comlibtard keyboard warriors over at the Daily Kos. I certainly wasn’t expecting to see it on our side of the aisle.

Kennedy has given conservatives so much material to parse over the years (starting with the 1965 Immigration Reform Act) that I really don’t think people have to resort to something this distasteful.

Perhaps they think they’re being funny or witty – but frankly, they just come across as idiots Besides, who the hell can really afford to toy with karma like that? Making fun of a dude’s BRAIN CANCER?! Come on, people.

It should be our common humanity that unites us at a time of one’s suffering, regardless of a person’s political views. Unless, of course, that person is a murderous scumbag, or something along those lines. THEN you can cheer, mmkay?

If shock comedy is your new schtick, then there are other shock comics who are much better at it than you are. And I don’t see any of them making fun of a dude’s brain cancer while he’s undergoing wide-awake surgery. How about setting aside the rampant douchebaggery and acting like a civilized human being? I know it’s counter-intuitive to some of you wackos, but why not give it a shot?


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  1. infin81

    Couldn’t agree more.

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