June 4, 2008 – Barack Obama is going to bury Ahmadinejad in paperwork

You’re totally going to get it now!

Well, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who – last I checked – was even getting on the nerves of the Iranian mullahs because he’s so overtly aggravating, is back talking about how Israel’s going to be wiped out soon.

Enter freshly minted Democratic presidential nominee, Barack Obama, who says he’ll “eliminate” the Iranian threat and do everything to prevent them from getting a nuke.

He then goes on to say that means “aggressive, principled diplomacy”. Yeah, because that’s always worked with these guys. He said he wouldn’t take the military option off the table – but of course, he didn’t say that he would use it, either.

Besides, given that he’s the most anti-war, liberal president we’ve seen since Jimmy Carter, the thought is pretty rich.

One trend I’ve noticed with Obama: If you really want to know what he stands for or what he’s going to do, you have to read between the lines into what he DOESN’T say, rather than what he does. And when you do, it’s rather frightening. It’s easy to tell when he’s being evasive because he’s not answering the question directly. Or maybe it’s just easy for me personally because I’ve spent so much time now parsing politicians, and can pick on double-speak from miles away.

Speaking of which… Guess who said the following, recently:

“The United States will have a reduced sphere of influence in the world. The new president will have to respond to the real demands of the American people: 40 million American citizens do not have health insurance, the victims of the New Orleans hurricane still have no homes. (The United States) will have to withdraw the soldiers from Iraq (since) the American people will not tolerate continued spending of billions of dollars on weapons.”

Think it was a Democrat? Keith Olbermann (the most annoying, obnoxious talking head in TV history)? Or maybe a wingnut from the Daily Kos?

Nope, it was Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.



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2 responses to “June 4, 2008 – Barack Obama is going to bury Ahmadinejad in paperwork

  1. Mahmoud is right. America’s foreign policy under the Bush regime has been like Hillary Clinton: both need a facelift!

    War and aggression for the sake of big oil simply doesn’t work anymore; especially when the UAW, amongst many other Americans, is grinding to a halt thanks, in part, to high oil costs.

  2. kybabe75

    Haven’t seen this on any website or blog…”I firmly believe Osama Hussein in an Al Quieda(sp) OPERATIVE!!!” Your 75 year old grandma, and “no, I am not having a ‘senior moment’
    Keep up the good work girl. luv ya!

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