June 5, 2008 – Gym rage hero acquitted!

Really…he asked for it.

I know many of you have been wondering, since I wrote about the issue last year, what happened to the dude who was charged with assault for tossing a bike and a grunting fellow spinning class participant into a wall.

Well, it turns out he was acquitted this week. Turns out the jury ruled that the grunter’s neck disc injury wasn’t a result of being thrown into a wall, but rather occurred earlier.

I’d love to get ahold of the jury selection transcripts. If I was the defence attorney in this case, I would have loaded the jury up with avid NYC gym-goers, all of whom can relate to that annoying, grunting ass. We’ve all wanted to smash one of them into a wall at some point.

Attention grunting sweathogs: You’re not Anna Kournikova – who’s barely cute enough herself to justify putting up with her grunting.

And hissing like a giant boa constrictor with access to the mother of all noise amplifiers while lifting weights isn’t acceptable, either. Just open your freaking teeth and breathe. The “pressure” you create with the air going through your teeth isn’t going to help you lift the weight any better, numbnuts.

Anyone else got annoying gym patron stories? Kindly feel free to leave them in this post’s comment section.

I could go on all day with my stories.

ABC News has a great piece, here, detailing various gym rage stories – including a fight over an aerobics class fan.


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