June 5, 2008 – Obviously truth isn’t a defence in France

She’s had it with Muzzies

French screen legend and animal rights activist, Brigitte Bardot, has been convicted of “inciting hatred against Muslims” when she wrote a letter to then Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy saying that Muzzies were ruining France. She also took offense, in the note, to the Muslim celebration of Aid el-Kebir because it involves the slaughtering of sheep.

Her punishment: $23,000 in fines, with $1,600 going to some “anti-racism” group that probably couldn’t raise money for itself otherwise. What the hell is this, the “swearing jar” like kiddies have?

Bardot isn’t even asking for that much of the Muzzies, for crying out loud – just that the sheep are treated humanely and “stunned” before being killed.

I think Sarkozy bling bling needs to step in with a presidential pardon, specifically because:

a) Bardot is right. Muslims ARE ruining France, which is why Sarkozy’s administration is paying them thousands of dollars to voluntarily leave and go back to Africa.

b) Sarkozy said, during the run-up to last year’s presidential election, that you don’t come to France with your various wives, circumcize your women, and slaughter sheep in your apartment.

So obviously Bardot is merely restating official policy.

But thanks for providing more material for my book, France! Much appreciated.



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4 responses to “June 5, 2008 – Obviously truth isn’t a defence in France

  1. wtf? I always assumed Sarkozy was ruining France!

    Did you know there are more Muslims in America than in France?

  2. Yabbut France is smaller – so it’s more obvious. And they’re mostly all in the big cities – which in France means more or less just Paris (and its suburbs/’banlieues’).

  3. But don’t you find Iranian women hot?

  4. First of all, You aren’t supposed to slaughter a sheep in your apartment dumb ass. Second, You do not stun a sheep before you slaughter it, you take a knife sharp enough to cut through it without making the animal feel pain. Third…circumcize women really??? Thats shallow lol, i think you mean circumcision for men. And last but definitely not least, “muzzies” offends none of us so you should probably stop

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