June 10, 2008 – Obama sullies up his empty suit

Comrade Barry Hussein DORKinsky

Barry Hussein Obama is known for two things: Being able to talk in a manner that generates warm and tingly sensations for Obamamaniacs and the libmedia sheeple alike. And coming across as the flat-out dorkiest presidential candidate EVAR! (Who else would dress up in a full suit and fire a bowling ball straight into the gutter in full view of the media? Or wear friggin JEANS while cycling along the Chicago lakeshore in the sticky humidity of summer?)

But now radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, is accusing Obama of plagiarizing yet another one of his speeches upon winning the Democratic nomination – sort of. This time, Rush is juxtaposing quotes by Obama and former NY Governor Mario Cuomo.

Personally, I think calling it plagiarism is a stretch – but you can judge for yourself, here.

What it does show, however, is that Obama’s ideas and the way he expresses them are so unoriginal that it could be argued we’ve heard it all before. And speaking is ALL this guy has to offer. What else is enticing here? His 45% estate tax plan? His proposal to negotiate with Iran’s Ahmadinejad, who probably can’t wait to screw with junior here?

Sure, dorks and “guys who talk good” get elected – Canada elected Stephen Harper as Prime Minister, for example. And I can’t think of a bigger dork, other than Obama. But Harper had two things going for him: He actually had ideas. And the guy he was running against (Liberal incumbent Paul Martin) was both bereft of ideas and tainted by a party corruption scandal. John McCain, by contrast to Obama, is actually competent – and has a long track record of innovative (if not controversial) legislation and ideas.

There’s talk of a series of townhall style debates between the two candidates. I think a marathon like this would favour McCain, because Obama could be seen to have run out of ideas after one or two of these things. It happened to John Kerry (vs Bush) in 2004.

This isn’t American Idol, people – it’s the selection of the next Leader of the Free World.



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4 responses to “June 10, 2008 – Obama sullies up his empty suit

  1. Calling it plagiarism is more than a stretch. It’s flat out wrong. The most that could be said is that the quotes exhibit similar structure, and since they’re talking about the same basic thing, similar structure isn’t in the least surprising.

    Limbaugh is a blowhard looking to fill air time with outrage, and if he has to manufacture that outrage out of whole cloth, he will.

  2. Is that his wife with the whip behind him? Giddy up horsie … into the Black House.

  3. I love this picture…so much for the elitist image.

  4. Oh yeah, he blew that one away, didn’t he?

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