June 11, 2008 – Michelle Obama as portal to the black hole that is BarryBarack Hussein

Barack’s wife. Not exactly as shown.

Much talk now about Michelle Obama and her role in the campaign. I won’t rehash it all, but you can read the LA Times’ take, here.

I find it funny that very few folks seem to have any sense of history on the issue of First Lady involvement in politics. It’s like the timeline in US politics began with their conception.

First Ladies didn’t just suddenly start throwing their weight around with the advent of the feminist movement or Hillary’s stint in the White House. Abigail Adams was doing it in the late 1700s/early 1800s. So Michelle Obama speaking out about politics as candidate for First Lady is really a centuries old concept.

That said – I think Michelle plays a bigger role in this particular Obama campaign than many potential First Wives have in previous ones. And that’s because we really don’t know squat about this guy, Obama. At the moment, he’s had the luxury of being everything to everyone, because he hasn’t been subjected to any real grilling related to his actual ideas. And the only thing voters can do is gleam clues from his associates – his wife being perhaps his top advisor. I’ve argued that’s why there was so much focus on Reverend Jeremiah Wright and other preachers at Obama’s church in Chicago.

So if Michelle Obama is out there talking about how we’re all being so nasty and uncivil to each other in US politics, then I really hope it’s not an indication of how her hubby feels about nastiness. Because I’m sure Ahmadinejad doesn’t pay much mind to how “uncivil” he’s being when he threatens to use nukes against a western democratic ally. And, as president, that’s the very least of what Obama will have to deal with.

If the stuff Michelle Obama articulates in public is any indication of the whining that goes on between her and hubby over the dinner table at home, it’s a bit of a frightening thought vis-a-vis the future security of this country.

I have a hard time imagining John McCain passing the potatoes to Cindy while she laments how mean the Democrats are being to him and how uncivil a business politics can be.


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One response to “June 11, 2008 – Michelle Obama as portal to the black hole that is BarryBarack Hussein

  1. Frankly, I’m not surprised. Just look at their astrological relationship: Michelle is the capricorn, notorious for micro managing people; Obama is the Leo, notorious for ideas and talking!

    Not an ideal relationship usually, but in a Presidential campaign, it works. Michelle is in charge. Besides, Obama looks like a little boy–on that bicycle photo op he looks like a 1950’s suburban kid.

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