June 12, 2008 – US Supreme Court gives OK to shoot terrorists on-site

That’s pretty much what the Supreme Court is opting for when they decided today, in a 5-4 call, to allow Gitmo terror detainees the right to trial in US civilian courts rather than military tribunals.

But what about killing unlawful enemy combatants in the field and saving all the costs, whining and trouble? Well that’s still legal. Has been for nearly 400 years. And also pretty resistant to inflation.

I think I know what orders I’d be giving in the field in this war on terror. And that would be to not act like it’s an actual war, and not like you’re collecting souvenirs.



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3 responses to “June 12, 2008 – US Supreme Court gives OK to shoot terrorists on-site

  1. Executing prisoners is a war crime, unfortunately, so it is not ok to shoot them.

    How do you know if someone is a terrorist, anyway?

  2. augurwell

    Under Attack – are we…

    From one citizen who understands (Stands for) responsible freedom and justice to another “Bury the sword or die.” I recall that Adolph Hitler was very close to having the nuke and he wrote about what he was going to do with it when he got it. These terrorists don’t wear uniforms and may be shot as spies etc. according to the Geneva Conventions.

    I shall recommend that those who disagree listen to ‘Lady Day’ (Billie Holiday) sing STRANGE FRUIT and if they are not NAZIS or KKK etc. I hope that they would get some understanding of and for the reason to just shoot them (the enemy) and make sure we get the right targets.

    Elliot Ness had to do some things.

    The Minister of Defense from Canada is a good guy makes me feel good about being from Quebec Canada again. He was speaking at Norad the other day, very good.

    Here is an important link(s) for two songs from Marlene Dietrich, for added value. “Hot Voo Doo” and “Lilly Marlane” To liten the load.


    Lilly Marlane

    Will Smith for President re. Bad Boys 2 movie.

    Over &,,, /.

  3. @anacronyms No it isn’t. It’s perfectly legal to kill any unlawful enemy combatant on the battlefield, no questions asked. One could argue that, as I said in the post, the mistake was in keeping them around for the various leftist handwringers to dictate to us how to deal with.

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