June 16, 2008 – Like Hasselhoff, Dubya is big in Europe

Even while he’s contends relentlessly with folks here in the US who lack all historical perspective, and who have yet to wrap their peabrains around the fact that President George W. Bush was the “right man for the right time” post-9/11 (although a little break from unjustified yet seemingly self-perpetuating pathological hatred of the man might help them with that)…Bush is wrapping up a tour in Europe which degenerated into a popularity contest of sorts.

The foreign media may tell us that the public over there despises Dubya, yet they’re constantly electing folks who share his post 9/11 beliefs and policies. (Keep in mind that before 9/11, even Bush was known as a center-right pragmatic politician who had no interest in nation building or foreign intervention.)

The media (particularly in Britain) is wrestling with the question of which country represents a bigger friend to the USA under George Bush: England (now under leftist/Labour PM Gordon Brown) or France (with tough-talking right-winger Sarkozy at helm…the only French president in recent memory who was elected by shifting right instead of left)?

The answer: Who really gives a frig. Please tell me that the media has better things to do. If you’re going to speculate so intently on something, how about it being on the issue of what precise date Iran will score a full-blown nuke?

The point is that even when Bush is gone in less than a year, he has allies ideologically similar enough to carry forth his messages – whether it’s like Sarkozy is doing on Iran, or Italy’s new Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on homeland/national security in the midst of the war on terrorism. And he has troop commitments from various countries in the war on terrorism – from Canada to France – who understand (as John McCain has articulated, and which Obama fails to understand) that pulling out of the war efforts at this phase will mean going in again and dealing with even more casualties later. It’s what always happens.

And the icing on the cake? Perhaps a Bin Laden October surprise? Of course, he couldn’t manage it without the conspiracy nuts saying that Bush was hiding Binnie in his deep freezer down on the ranch.

As Margaret Thatcher said: “If my critics saw me walking over the Thames, they would say it was because I couldn’t swim.”


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  1. How about the war on the fucking US dollar? Hope you’re buying gold, or you’re gonna have to move back to Canada.

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