June 28, 2008 – I made a Facebook fan page today for George W. Bush

Yep, I did. I had to call this the “G**r*e W. B**h” fan page, because he is apparently only allowed ONE FAN PAGE and THAT IS IT! All Bush fans must limit themselves to one group, so everyone else can be free to spread out on the innernets in peace, radiating “hope and change” with Junior Prom King Obama. Why do Facebook filters make it so bloody difficult to create more than the single existing fan page for President George W. Bush, when mere candidate, Barack Obama, has several? Are they afraid he’ll be defamed – and the comlibtardiat of Silicon Valley is suddenly concerned about the leader of the free world’s delicate sensibilities? (Because, you know, he sued the first 1,254,225 times it happened.) He tackled Al Qaeda; I’m sure he can handle the cyber lynch mob. Perhaps there’s just too much garbage online, and it’s time to put a limit on it – beginning with stuff favourable to George Bush? Why are the group pages about John McCain and George W. Bush on Facebook almost exclusively negative; yet, there’s a plethora of gushy pages devoted to Barack Obama? Could it be that one of the co-founders of Facebook, Chris Hughes, is also running Obama’s online campaign? Is my saying that a slap in the face to the conservatives working at Facebook? (Will I be hearing from all one of them?) Or perhaps Republicans are really just too busy with actual jobs to muck around online? Does anyone of voting age actually care about “social media” in politics? Or is it really just pointless wankery being shoved down our collective throat by the few people who so desperately want it to be important and meaningful?



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2 responses to “June 28, 2008 – I made a Facebook fan page today for George W. Bush

  1. mikeamo

    I’m not planning to join Facebook, but, if I ever do, I’ll add this page.

  2. Yikes. You really do have a thing for shaggy old bushes….:-p

    What’s next: a GWBook?

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