July 6, 2008 – The party of beer goggles and silly minstrels

John Cusack = Deep thinking thespian

We had to put up with Hollywood celibritard, John Cusack, twisting John McCain’s support for his own troop benefits bill rather than the Democratic one (which the SecDef doesn’t even like) into “McCain doesn’t support the troops.” (Of course, with this video, MoveOn.orgy has to deactivate the comments function, so no one can point out the reality that interferes with their propaganda.) If a war hero and veteran wants to stick it to the troops, it’s only because John Cusack is a silly minstrel who has half the story.

Then we had Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-Idiotville) almost succeeding in tacking an amnesty bill onto Iraq war funding legislation. The Dems ultimately decided to shelve it, apparently because some felt it didn’t to ENOUGH for illegal immigrants – not because they were capable of detecting any hint of audaciousness in piggybacking it onto something that would provide support for US troops in harm’s way. Of course this would have meant that the Republicans would have had to vote against supporting the troops – and we probably would have had to endure another video sponsored by MoveOn.orgy, featuring some thespian regurgitating irrational, far-left talking points.

The Democratic Party is the “beer goggles party”: Their bumper sticker rhetoric and motives are only appealing from afar – or while under the influence of serious impairment (mental, maturational, alcoholic, or otherwise).


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One response to “July 6, 2008 – The party of beer goggles and silly minstrels

  1. And the GOP is the “kool-aids party?”

    Come on, a world where only one party dominates isn’t so democratic, is it?

    Come to think of it, I can’t think of a single difference between the two. I challenge you to find a single difference–aka, based on action, not talk over the last 200 years!

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