July 6, 2008 – Saddam’s uranium stockpile finally found by lib media

I’m sure he was just using it for high school chem classes

How much uranium would Saddam Hussein have needed to qualify for “weapons stockpile” potential in the eyes of US liberals? Is 550 tons enough? That’s what was recently hauled out of Iraq and shipped to Canada, to use in nuclear energy production. (Like, for reals. Not the kind of “energy production” Mahmoud and the mullahs are into, which involves spinning centrifuges amid threats to wipe out another country simply because it has Jews.)

Remember all that fuss over whether or not Saddam had bought uranium from Africa. Who really cares now? It’s like giving Amy Winehouse one more hit of crack cocaine. The guy was already swimming in the stuff. Gorging himself on yellowcake like a fat kid at a birthday party.

Iraqi officials are glad to see the back-end of Saddam’s uranium stockpile, because they were worried it would get into the wrong hands – namely Ahmadinejad’s over in Iran, for the purpose of WMD/nuke production. But of course, Saddam was never a WMD threat, right? The war was all about Bush getting his hands on that Iraqi oil (if ONLY!), which has since been opened up to the world market. Saddam was just your average guy who liked to rip folks from limb-to-limb for sport. The poor victim of a US government conspiracy. Nothing to see here. Bush is evil. Go Obama. Ch-ch-ch change.

This uranium stockpile should be named “McCaincake”, in tribute to the candidate who couldn’t get the US liberal mainstream media to empty their main vein on him if he was on fire, either. The poor guy has to go to Canada, Colombia and Mexico just go get some press.



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2 responses to “July 6, 2008 – Saddam’s uranium stockpile finally found by lib media

  1. McCain cake? Why I think we know which boss deserves a McCain cream pie!


  2. This is nothing new: everybody knew it was there all along. In fact, it is one of the reasons that the phony African yellowcake story smelled so bad: why, people who knew stuff asked, would Saddam go looking in dubious places for yellowcake when he already had the stuff?

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