July 14, 2008 – Nicolas Sarkozy: Hottest guy on the planet (part 2,398)

Babs doesn’t make out with conservatives

There is no conservative more blunt, politically incorrect, and hilarious in his openness and honesty – not to mention his ability to completely not give a frig about what anyone thinks. Today, on Bastille Day, I give you yet another installation of the Adventures of President Sarkozy d’Hotness – French superhero. From the Telegraph:

Clearly ruffled after just driving past staff protesting his plan to personally nominate public television’s head, Mr Sarkozy hit out at a technician who failed to reply when he said “hello” when placing his microphone.

“It’s a matter of upbringing,” he told the man. “When you’re a guest you have the right to expect a hello… Or we’re not in the public service here, we are at a demonstration … incredible… and serious.”


He then turned to one of the interviewers, Gérard Leclerc, asking him in the informal “tu” form “How long did you spend in Siberia (in the closet in French)?” – apparently referring to the journalist not having been given an on-camera role for a while.

“I wasn’t in favour,” he added.

Full of nervous ticks, the impatient president tapped his fingers and played with his Patek Philippe watch – a present from his wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy – asking whether the studio clock is working.


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