October 9, 2007 – PUNTED!

I write a column about Islam – it gets spiked.  I write another column about Islam – it gets spiked.  I think I’m starting to notice a pattern here.  Oh well, what doesn’t fly in Canadian newspapers will have to be saved for the book. 

But as promised, you can read it here:  The Dangers Of Canada’s Multiculti Kool Aid Bender.


Now on to some actual news that doesn’t involve me and my ego…

The Hillary Clinton campaign has brought aboard Sandy Berger as an advisor.  Berger is best known for introducing some classified terrorism documents to his private parts, in an attempt to smuggle them out of the National Archives

Berger paid the price for his actions, and his misdeeds don’t detract from his expertise in foreign policy.  And frankly, every political campaign (especially a Clinton campaign) needs a someone who will do the skeezy stuff that no one else will — and Sandy Berger appears to have impeccable credentials in that regard.  Need some stuff shredded?  Want some evidence to disappear into a tube sock?  Berger’s your man!

Just keep him away from the intel, lest he get the urge to, once again, turn it into toilet paper.



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